Welcome our newest Attraction The Tactical Arena. It is open for play. $5/person for 1/2 a hour.  Come test your skill at Jr. Laser Tag or w/ a Nerf Gun.  There is team play or solo play with many scenario options such as; Capture the Flag, Free for All, Sudden Death, Point Based Play, & more to come.  This attraction is located in what was formerly known as the Cantina & Banquet Room.  Feel free to come in & look around & ask any questions you have.  The Tactical Arena is up & running during regular arcade hours.

Please visit again soon for pictures & more information due to this page still being under construction.

      Our arena area of play is approx. 56'x30', w/ a tunnel for crossing the dividing wall. There are multiple barricades to hide behind as you pick off your opponent. There will be a Base wall at each end of the arena which will enable Defend and Assault modes.  There is a score board so you can keep track of your time left and the score for point based games.  Have your own Nerf guns?  You can bring them to use!!!  We just need to inspect and tag them before they are used.  We are not responsible for lost ammo that you bring with your gun.


14859 E. US 190 COPPERAS COVE TX 76522 

Sudden Death RULES 8.5X11